April 29 – May 1, 2022 | Camp Shenandoah, Swoope, VA
Hosted by Shenandoah Lodge #258

Conclave Service Project

We are asking everyone to bring at least 2 food items from the below list with you to Conclave to donate to this year’s Service Project. Drop off for the food and goods will be located at your lodge’s gear drop off point Friday night.

Food Items Dired Spices (Small Containers)
Regular White Rice (Not basmati or jasmine)
Garlic Powder
Dired & Canned Beans (Garbanzo, Lentils, Kidney) Ginger
Canned Tomatoes Cumin
Canned Fruit Coriander
Dried Fruit (Dates, Apricots) Cinnamon 333
Dried Nuts Mint
Green Tea (Loose, not in bags) Black Pepper
Honey Dired Onion
Sugar (Small Bags)
Cooking Oil
Canned Tuna
Fruite Juice

Demonstrate your cheerful service by participating in the Conclave Service Project! This year we are partnering with Loaves and Fishes, a food pantry serving the Greater Charlottesville area to package food care packages and goods for Afghan Refugees in the community. From 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Saturday, stop by the OA Handicraft Shelter to participate. The packages we will be assembling will help feed families and refugees who require a specific diet, and brighten their lives as they persevere during hardship.

In lieu of a participation pin, this year Conclave features a service pin. Each person who participates in the service project will receive one. Don’t worry if we run out of pins. More are on the way! You’ll be able to collect them from your lodge leadership at an upcoming lodge event