April 29 – May 1, 2022 | Camp Shenandoah, Swoope, VA
Hosted by Shenandoah Lodge #258

Conclave Training

Training is an important part of Conclave. This year, learn something new on many different topics, from what it takes to be the Chief, Engagement,using Lodgemaster and so much more. You can  even hear from some of our National Officers!

Conclave Training is a great way to learn something new, hone some skills, and trade stories and ideas with other Arrowmen to take back to your own lodge and chapter. Make sure to spend your morning in the Training Area!

Conclave Training (Table 1 of 4)
Time Chapel Eppard Shelter OA Handicraft
The Role of the Chief
Taylor Bobrow
Reaching Our Units: How To Be An Effective OA Rep
Russ Beaty
Welcome to the Brotherhood! New Arrowmen Orientation
Jackson Pendleton
10:00- 10:50
Get Connected: Leveraging Social Media in the OA
Mike Fowler
Improving Your Impact: Unit & District Relations
Matthew Carlson
Maximizing YOUR Experience
Steven Buer
[National Vice Chief]
11:00- 11:50
All About NOAC! Our Biennial National Conference
Stephen Peterson
The Power of Enabling Chapters
Alex Pillis
[Eastern Region Chief]
Weaving a Tale: History Through Patches
Joseph Klos
Adult Oriented Training (Table 2 of 4)
Time Campfire Ring Nature Center

Adviser Engagement Forum*

Erich Röetz
Where Do I Start? Adviser 101
Jeff Bobrow
10:00- 10:50

How Do I..? Lodgemaster 101
Bobby Burleson
11:00- 11:50

*Come and go as you please for this open forum style discussion

Adult Oriented Training
(Points for Golden Rocking Chair Award – Table 3 of 4)
Time Aquatics
(Adult Amusement Area)
9:00- 11:00
Intro to Red Cross CPR/AED & First Aid
(Free to participate. $30 fee for certification.)
11:00- 12:00
Safe Swim Defense & Swim Checks
Other Conclave Training (Table 4 of 4)
(AIA Area)
Ridgway Campsite
(Ceremonies Area)
Timber Mountain
(OAHA Area)
9:00- 9:50
Native American Singing
Dennis Zotigh
So You Want To Be A Ceremonialist?
Andrew Abernathy
10:00- 10:50
Native American Dancing
Chris Bryant
The Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Explained
Andrew Abernathy

Preparing For Northern Tier

Elana Tangredi

11:00- 11:50
The Brotherhood Ceremony Explained
Andrew Abernathy